Monday, August 10, 2009


In the middle of a night
I felt like lying down on the ground,
so I did.

I opened up my arms like you do when you think you're free and could fly and stretched the corners of my lips to their widest,
clenched my teeth and fixed a smile.

I then crumbled down, like never before.
pulled my knees inside me, closed my eyes and buried my head in my heart.

there was then a touch in the dark.
I slowly reached out my arms to feel who's there.
and in the midst
I found a hand,
just as lost.
Our fingers touched
for a second.
but like an electric shock, both our cells clenched in a little.
clenched in, in horror.
scared to recognize another being
down the same empty well.

But I reached out again anyway,
and I felt it reach out again anyway
but this time, in mid air
they held.
I was slowly then pulled in next to a breathing body.
that's in that fetus fatal position when it's the end of it all.
Like two pieces of puzzle, we fit into each other.
and for the rest of what we have left
we dance together;
The dance of the dead.

July 9, 2009


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