Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I drag the body mass of mine and set in the middle of a track worn out by travelers.
In a fixed posture I stand and make sure I make eye contact with every single wanderer and transmit a very personal smile through the spits of atoms in the air.
I wait, and my mass of human waits with me.
Crowds squash me. bump into me, hit me with rushed shoulders, don't ever notice me, push me away, slap against my cells. And it becomes tighter, the air is heavier and the sun flickers in misty anger and they shut me down, squeeze me in, crush my soul, trip me over, upside down, inside out. I suddenly feel my body escaping me. It slowly turns pale, turns into white, snow white. It's crispy and cold. and white. into transparent. I twitch. and it shrinks, and wrinkles. and I twitch, twitch. and it curls and twirls. I beg my body not to leave me alone. not among those monsters. I scream at the top of my lungs for it not to leave me. not you. not again. even you? but it continues to diminish. and it continues to wrinkle. and shrink. It's crunchy. and thin. it's transparent and cold. and they're crushing me and it's leaving me alone. they're crushing me and it's leaving me alone.transparent and cold. and they're crushing me.
I guess then someone accidentally runs me over and the next thing I know, my body is falling apart. into a million and one little pieces.
and I just linger in dead air space.


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Evaluna said...

after reading effect: choked!

a radiohead feel about it.

i like... alot!