Sunday, October 05, 2008


my eyes roll anxiously to the left,
before they hurry to roll anxiously to the right.

I look over my left shoulder ..................... I look over my right shoulder

I hunchback on the keyboard, tiptoeing those silent words, to whisper out a secret.

"I think my best friend is my laptop."


Ma 3lina said...

Lol love the post. All of us (bloggers) share the same best frnd i think !!

Hassnaa said...

ure killing me sirously ..
i feel like i read stuff i wrote
omg !!!!!

ure soooo me soooooooo me :D u drive me crazeh even the singers u like :D
loooooool ,, there is 2 me or 2 you :P

aaah i love the post

Hassnaa said...

even the song i keep singing evry 10 min ( sometimes in life you feel the fight is over ) ;D om my god .. besides the animatio thing :D i will tke classes to be a pro animator :D actually finally i can cearly c my self when im 21 :) im so proude of founding u

Zee Puppette said...

lol...yeah..I guess a lot of us are blessed with such a faithful faithful friend...some more than others though =D

hassnaa, lol...Hal anty qareenaty izan??? =D pleased to meet you *shakes hands* =)

Hassnaa said...

lol zee :)