Sunday, March 29, 2009


Danglers Hangers
by a dangling thread
shreds dangling on a hanger
of a life they spent
dangling hanging
on a dangling thread

Danglers Hangers
hoping for the best
dangling on a hanger
hallucinating of a quest
but were too busy dangling
on a dangling hanger
too busy hanging
on a hope for the best

Danglers Hangers
like a wrecked soul
hanging dangling
while their monsters crawl
cutting down their hanging
threads, they fall
and without a sound, they fall
for they were hanging dangling
all their lives they were
dangling on hangers
so now they fall.

and on their empty dangling hangers
come new
Danglers Hangers
whose fate we knew
for Danglers Hangers
that's what they do
they dangle on hangers
or hang on danglers
and on pity they chew.



Evaluna said...

it has this dark nursery-rhymes-feel to it... eh dah I like it a lot!
ekhs eh el 2araf dah!

Innate_Inanenuss said...

I like this one keteer ha2ee2y. This is an original and creative piece of imaginative work. I'd give u that.

I like it so much that I thought it's def. worth whatever time it takes to sit down with it and decipher its coherent beauty. Guess what? It didn't take much time; I think it's about us all...we're all Danglers Hangers...we're all hanging by this fine and thinning thread in life...all we're doing is hoping for the best and nothing more till sometime, ooops it's no more...
or maybe these r our shreds of our memories hanging on their threads...or pieces of our shredded hopes for a better surrounding hanging on their fine threads...till the "monsters" of these days cut them all lose and they fall.
Maybe even nothing at all...just like magritte once had admitted that his paintings actually mean nothing...he just had a flair for taking shots at that's most probable with u kaman..I reckon it might mean nothing but mystery..I love it poopette and it induces some poetic images in my head.

Unfort. I don't have an "irrelevant" comment this time for u.

Elsede3' said...

i'm a creep