Friday, December 26, 2008


Once upon a time there was a princess who lived alone in a castle by the lake.
Her father, the king, is an alcoholic.
Her mother, the queen, eloped with a biker.
Every morning she'd put on her tiara and her finest dress and wait by the lake for her promised Prince Charming.
She'd sit on the shore and throw stone after stone in the water and gaze at the never ending circles.
She waits by the lake and throws stones.
Stone after stone.
Year after year.
Stone after stone.
Year after year.
Stone after stone.
Till one day, by the shore, from the water, comes out a tiny purple fish.
It squeaks angrily at the princess:

Prince charming finds the princess's body the next morning.



Evaluna said...

purple fish eh?
love it!
hehehe :D

Noblez Chavazelle said...

lool :D

We need like an army of purple things to tell the women of the world to stop wasting their lives searching for love. Love comes the moment you stop expecting it. Very few women build their lives on their own love to themselves instead of waiting for someone else's attention. Such women make history.

Dr.Invisible said...


luv the story and yea don't f**king wait for prince charming coz the world is out of princes !!

Zee Puppette said...

loool...YES Purple is royal, wise, and kicks ass in all directions! =P

right on Noblez, that's exactly the point...I mean, I don't mind women whose ultimate goal in life is to get married n have a family n all...but it doesn't mean that they should wait for someone to make something out of them. If you're not "complete" on your own, you'll never be able to "complete" someone else.

n Invisible, that is so F***in true it's not even funny! lol

The.I.inside said...

I wonder did the Princess kill herself in a shame/desperate situation.
or did the purple fishies just nibble her to death

Zee Puppette said...

lool..nooo...purple fish are peaceful! they wouldn't kill anyone =(

Nephthys said...
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Nephthys said...

LOL, I loved it Zee .. for no particular reason :)

Evaluna said...

"purple fish are peaceful" alright!

marooned84 said...

didn't they have a library in the castle?

Brownie said...

to7fa :D

haijekov said...


i love it :)

Zee Puppette said...

thanks guys...Salutations from all purple fish in the world ;)

n marooned, I think they did have a library in the castle but Princess was too busy looking for something else to care =)