Saturday, December 06, 2008

December...Up Yours!

December is the loneliest month of the year.

You think it's over, but it's not.

December gives you hope that maybe, maybe, next year will be a bit better.
but it never is.

December is always an end of a shitty year, and always the start of an even shittier year.

December nests reminiscing, and cradles nostalgia.

December is when it all began,
December is when it all ended.

December is the time when a shattered family comes together for a couple of days and pretend everything is okay.
December is the time when friends decide to meet, catch up, laugh about the gd ol' time, and pretend everything is okay.
December is the time when you stand with a glass of wine, in a laughing out loud crowd, smiling your time away, and pretend everything is okay.
December is the time when you look around for someone to kiss when the clock hits midnight, but you look around,find no one, smile, and then pretend everything is okay.
December is the time when the rain hits your window and you wish you're out there running, but you can't run on a wheel chair of your own making, so you watch it pouring outside from your living room window, and pretend everything is okay.
December is the time when you want to buy gifts for loved ones yourself, and wrap them yourself, and give them away yourself, but when you list down your loved ones, what you have down on paper are the names of the bawab and the makwagy, so you tear the paper up and pretend that everything is okay.

December is the loneliest month of the year.

You think it's over, but it's not.



Innate_Inanenuss said...

hehe that's what I call true Black Comedy. For real.

Well Puppette am sorry to know that this's how YOUR own December feels like, but I know many who enjoy it to the max though and for them it's a month to get uber cuddly and smoochy. Haga mostafezza i know yea...bas if it's any solace ur December feels pretty much like my windy and cold mine. Maybe we should get together sometime though...if not this December...why not next one?! But it should be December. After all none deserves to be this solo...especially during December...cos it's been December of the Heart...all year long since quite some years now.


Evaluna said...

Heeeey... YOUUU ... PUPPET!
I LIKE December! all what you said about it could be true.. but I LIKE December!!
(don't tell me that that's only part of me being "ka2eeba".. else I'll just... I'll just say mean things to you)
December is probably my favorite month (or maybe October is) though I know for a fact that Every December I set myself up for a big fall that almost breaks me... but I can't blame December... I can only blame me! December is cold... and that's an enough reason for me to love it!
when you have time go read my post puppet, there's a special two lines written just for you there :D

marooned84 said...

I never thought one is supposed to do so much in December. You opened my eyes on things I never knew before, let alone do. Now I too hate December.

Ma 3lina said...

Well, did not know that December carry all that stuff wiz it..

For me it is the end of an awful year, yet it forces me to make better plans for the next year hoping it get better..

silent observer said...

I love this one
December nests reminiscing, and cradles nostalgia.

but I also love December. Even if the whole year is crappy december always tends to surprise me.
and what about the christmas cookies, the Adventskalendar, the christmas trees and all that?

anyways nice post

Zee Puppette said...

December is actually one of the most subjective months of all.
at some point, I used to love December, until screwed up people screwed it up. =D

actually the holidays in specific makes it all worse for me. For as long as I remember I'm used to celebrating Christmas one way or another, but now I don't for so many complicated reasons.So just the fact that this has also changed into something I'm not really fond of..makes me cringe.

oh n I miss the Adventskalender =(

haijekov said...

i used to agree ... but i constantly retaliate against the thought

My December's gonna be different this year ...

At least i hope it will :)

Noblez Chavazelle said...

People pretend they are okay all year long. December has nothing to do with that.

Re-read the 2nd half of your own post, and tell me if you still loathe December so much.

Pretending one is okay is far more positive than making a victim out of oneself or endlessly complaining about being not okay.

It's never December's fault.

Zee Puppette said...

Well, that's one way to look at it for sure. n as I said before, it's quite subjective. December carries heavy baggage for me, n that's why I don't "enjoy" it as much as I used to.
And yeah for sure,indulging in self pity is pathetic, but pretending to be something you're not and resort to denial, isn't all that amazing either.

And I re-read the last part of my post..and quite confidently I say that yes, I still "loathe" December as you like to call it...or rather what I get to remember / feel at that time of year.

Noblez Chavazelle said...

And now you got me, my friend. It's not about things. It's about what things remind us of.

Your blog is cool (sometimes too cool for an Egyptian girl). Now let's assume my pc blew itself up while I was running across your blog. I'd certainly dislike your blog eventhough I know it's cool, eventhough I know it doesn't have anything to do with what happened to my poor pc.

That's the reason why I believe in this one sentence: We see things, not as they are, but as we are.

You see December as you are, and if my pc blows up now, I'll continue the rest of my life disliking your blog. Until I do that, I'll make sure you leave December alone :P

Zee Puppette said...

okay December's lawyer! =P
3amatan you don't have to actually *convince* me that December is not blame...coz I know that already...but..3ady..human nature, we like to think that something else is the reason for our own that case I choose to blame December. LET ME BE! uft! =P

NCh. said...

Why don't you just reverse up the whole thing? Start doing cool stuff in December. Fill it with good memories then use them to replace bad ones.

Think of something good you can do before January strikes, and make sure it's so good that you may remember it every December.

In the next 4 days, you can draw a picture and write December08, you can go somewhere you have never been to, you can add my MSN (Do yourself a favour and do that now :P), you can be ultimately nice with those who really love you, you can ask a stranger about what keeps him so sad.

Zee Puppette said...

what is up with everybody who want me to do *myself* favors!!!! shizzle man!

lol besides that, I think that's a pretty good advice...I think I might actually do that..hmmmm...once I finish exams that is...if ever...

n ba3den how do I know ur msn...I should feel the "NCh'ing-man" vibe??? =P

NCh. said...

Why does everything in people's lives totally depend on exams?

I have never seen a person who does things BEFORE finishing the exams, not even myself :D

Wait a minute.. ah sa7, how would you know my MSN! :D

Well, basita.. here it is (but don't go crazy :P)

Don't give it to anybody. If some random desperate lady adds it, I will hate December :D not to mention a random desperate guy! :D This country is full of freaks :D

Alright.. I lied about the do-yourself-a-favour thingy. I am the one who's doing himself a favour here :D :P

Zee Puppette said... if posting ur email on a "public blog" wouldnt attract all the freaks in the world.
Good thinking there Chav. =P