Sunday, December 21, 2008


On 20.12.08,
I didn't say no.
I said I want it differently.
different is not a no.
different is just different.



Evaluna said...

and how did that go?

Zee Puppette said...

like shit.
it's December.

Noblez Chavazelle said...

A different set of circumstances IS a no to the current one.

NO is the beginning of change.

No particular reason? I don't think so :P

Zee Puppette said...

There's still a difference between total rejection of a given, and an adjustment thereof.

'Yes' can be the beginning of change as well. 'Different' can be the beginning of change too. 'Anything' can be the beginning of change.

Innate_Inanenuss said...

Botschaft kapiert.

I think.

Zee Puppette said...

what Botschaft?

Innate_Inanenuss said...

well it's the E-one..

mmm shouldnt u have used which instead of what?

Whatever..ay hals..check..Please.

NCh. said...

lool :D

You guys are nuts :D

Eih yabne el kalam elly enta bet2olo da? :D You think en "Botschaft kapiert"? :D Besara7a, ana mosh mutaffeq ma3ak fel 7ekaya de :D

Wente betes2ali 3n kelma wa7da bass laih? 3ala 2asass ennik fahma el kelma el tanya ya3ne? :D

Wenta mosh 3agbak what laih? :D Sayeb el hendi elly enta katbo da w masek fe what? :D Malha what? :D

tayib WHAT? Warrini ba2a hate3mel eih :D :P

W ba3dain, estanni hena.. Yes CAN'T be the beginning of change. Yes is man's most obvious sign of conservation. Yes is the end of change.

Zee Puppette said...

looooooooool akher 7aga ba2a!

n yes CAN be the beginning of change. If you say yes to someone who wants to slaughter you for instance, it's an obvious beginning of change in your state of being...walla eh? =P

n u say we're the nuts people. argh.

Noblez Chavazelle said...

lol :D I, too, am nuts :D

It's not yes that brings a change. It's the offer that comes before it (of which yes is the sign of acceptance).

If someone offers to kill me, then that's the beginning of change. By saying yes, I'd be approving the change, but not actually initiating it.

It's sequential. You 1st say NO to what is going on today, then you say YES to what you would like to take place tomorrow.

NO is the goddamn beginning of change :D

YES is the continuity of change.

You know? I don't hate philosophy but I don't blame those who do.. lol :D

I'd say yes to someone who wants to slaughter YOU :P

Zee Puppette said...

dude...I'm a simple simple person...ur philosophy hurts my brains =D
So aslan ba2a somewhere in between everything, I forgot what we're arguing about aslan =/
lol...and come on slaughter ME? Your life is gonna be way miserable by the way...don't say I didn't warn you.


NCh. said...

You forgot? :D Well, I never knew at all :D I was just teasing you :P