Friday, November 14, 2008

For Sale

stacks of wrapped up emotions.
glittery. shiny. for all occasions.
brand new.

a dozen of drama acts.
never seen a stage. never seen on stage.

a pack of future plans.
with stuck arms of a clock.

a collection of touches.
never encountered skin.

a river of tears.
never rolled down.

tons of smiles.
never curved a lip.

a million hugs.
never wrapped a body close to a heart.

of bundle of shiny black hair.
never saw sunshine. on hold for an uncover.

a bottle of random talk and empty conversations.
never spilled out.

a locked box with a treasure map and a key to a secret garden.
never opened. never unfolded.

a dream of a being.
never acquired its first cell.

a red tulip flower.
saved over the years.

a pillow.

a sun.

a window.

a man.

a heart.



NanyAfterMath*~ said...

akh. i can't say other than; its Peautiful and mysterious yet looks like someone needs a hug :P

Zee Puppette said...

lol someone doesn't need a hug. post-movie reflection.

Vile said...

how much for the treasure map?

Evaluna said...

a life not yet lived!

I love this post.. a lot!!
stop writing things I like, that leaves me with nothing to say :| !!

The.I.inside said...

I'd buy all those :), what's the price?

Zee Puppette said...

Everything's useless really. you guys can have all of it for free =)

I like that we're almost always on the same page eva =)