Monday, October 27, 2008


Dear shitfaced M*****F***** who hit my car in the parking and ran off like a fucked up chicken;

may you rot in hell forever and more, you stinkin assfaced shitty little - no, not little, FAT- shit shit shitty piece of shit.

tick tock, asshole.



Dr.Invisible said...

Love the mail but u know what ur still so sweet, u need to improve ur hatred words lol
hope it is not damaged gamed

haijekov said...

BAKEEEZA et7'abatet??!! sorry to hear about that :(

best wishes for a speedy recovery from both me and ka3boora :)

Evaluna said...

may he crash his un-insured car real bad... like reeeeally reeeeally bad... and live to feel the pain!

ma3lesh puppet!
Zeleikha feels for your car and wishes her well!

The.I.inside said...

LOL,I could defiantly relate to the anger.

SaRaH said...

I get pissed off when someone runs away although I could totally let it go if he said sorry

Vile said...

oh my god! that was your car??!
err... i can't imagine who would do such a thing 0-0